Services @ 176 Griswold Rd, Wethersfield, CT are discontinued until further notice... Call 860-206-8851 for alternative service sites and times

The Master’s Table: Within a House at large, there sits a Table, designed for eating, engaging and communing. “Come, let’s sit at the table”, an invitation to sit, and to sup with the Master, Jesus Christ Himself. He is so engaging, “Take, Eat, this is my Body” …At the Master’s Table we partake of Communion weekly, as we have found the LIFE therein. He is the object of our complete affection and worshipful adoration. He feeds us from his hands of love and mercy, and heals us with his glorious touch. A Table is for prepared foods, yes, there is meat for the mature, and morsels to be found for the newborn. Come and eat of the bread of life, yes, healing is the children’s bread. The Master’s Table is a Family, a School, a Fellowship, an Altar, a Healing Pool, a Place of Preparation, a Kingdom Assembly, and a Launching Pad for World-Wide Missions. You are lovingly invited to dine with the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

they are one.

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