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Ministry of Helps

Ministry of Helps includes many facets of the Ministry. 

The word translated "helps" means literally "to relieve, succor, participate in, and/or support." Those with the gift of helps are those who can aid or render assistance to others in the church with compassion and grace. This gift has a broad range of applications, from helping individuals with daily chores to assisting in the administration of the affairs of the church.


DiMarie Benitez

The Master's Table alter: Has the anointed calling and the heart for God to set up the altar in loving surrender, inviting the fullness of the Holy One to encounter us as we honor Him in Worship, the Word, and fellowship.

Andrea Easterling

Greeter/Hospitality: Greeters serve by being informative, offering guidance and helping to create an atmosphere for the gospel of Jesus Christ. They help to promote excellence and ensure all that enters through the doors feel welcome and receive comfort and love.

Miguel Valle 

Audio Ministry: The Media Ministry is composed of the Audio and Video sections and is responsible for all audio/video taping activities. This ministry greatly assist the Ministerial, Worship and Special Events Ministries. 

Jose Perales & Gladys Silva-Perales, Eva Chavres.

Overall set up and clean up in taking care of the House of the Lord: Jose Perales & Gladys Silva-Perales, Eva Chavres.

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